PUBLICATIONS:Co-Creating Peace in Conflict-Affected Mindanao

Co-Creating Peace in Conflict-Affected Mindanao: A Fellow at a Time



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In the two-year span of the Mindanao Bridging Leaders Program, the Center had the honor to work with 42 individuals who each have their own aspirations and vision for Mindanao. They came from different provinces, beaten different paths, and endured different life experiences. In their desire to fortify peace and spur development in the country’s poorest and most unstable region, they took steps that oftentimes compelled them to go beyond their own safety and comfort.

We share with you the first 12 stories of our fellows who have undergone the rigorous training on the Center’s flagship Bridging Leadership Framework. These leadership stories attempt to illustrate how theory takes shape on the ground, how concepts are transformed into realities, and how strategies are translated into action, without discounting the challenges that bridging leaders need to overcome.



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