Mindanao Bridging Leadership Fellows

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Focus: 1st Cohort of 24 fellows
Duration call for nominations for 1st Cohort: April 20 - May 30, 2011

The Applicant

Applicants should be leaders who are committed to addressing Peace and Development efforts through local governance interventions and multi-sectoral and inclusive processes in the conflict-affected areas of Muslim Mindanao. You may access more information on our Preferred Fellow by checking the nomination/application packet. Please see "3-MBLP_Program_Info_2011.pdf" file in the packet for more information.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Occupy a position of authority in the organization s/he belongs with clear potential as agent of change within said organization/sector;
  2. Have 3 to 5-year record of service in a leadership capacity in public service (government agency, LGU, etc.), civil society (NGO, academic or religious institution, etc.) or private sector with significant, demonstrable role in effecting policy reform or steering project success in institutional, local, regional, or national level;
  3. Be at least 28 years old at the time of nomination has the ability to deliver change in conflict-affected areas of Muslim Mindanao;
  4. Be availabile for interview as scheduled between June 1-15, 2011; and
  5. Be able and willing to undertake program requirements including, but not limited to:
  • Attendance and participation in all trainings, special meetings, peer learning sessions and mentoring sessions spread out across the period of the Fellowship;
  • Engaging key stakeholders in relation to the societal goal who may provide feedback and evaluation of the Fellow and his/her activities during and after the course of the program;
  • Regular and timely submission of his or her program plans, updates, evaluation and other related documents;
  • Public Presentation of work to key stakeholders that will take place towards the end of the Fellowship; and
  • Engaging the Center’s network of fellows and partners towards effective learning exchange, knowledge management and program evaluation.

A total of twenty-four (24) applicants shall be selected for the 1st Cohort (Note: A total of two cohorts will be opened for the MBLP Fellowship with 24 fellows each. The 2nd call for nominations is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2011).

Application and Selection

Prospective Fellows must submit:

  • An accomplished Application Form;
  • A statement of purpose;
  • An accomplished Project Brief (1-2 pages);
  • Two (2) accomplished recommendation forms from persons who can personally attest to the accomplishments, character and resolve of the Applicant (except members of the Applicant’s immediate family); and
  • Curriculum vitae;

If applicant is nominated by an Individual or Organization, a Letter of Nomination from the Individual or Organization will need to be submitted as documentary or testimonial evidence to Applicant’s/Nominee’s works and commitment.

Applicants will undergo a competitive selection process based on their background and demonstrated leadership record, the depth of expertise based on offered evidence of capacity to meet fellowship requirements and implement proposed fellowship project, potential societal impact based on individual qualifications and potential societal impact based on potential group interaction with fellows and partners (towards building a critical mass to address their chosen divide). The Center for Bridging Leadership shall form a selection committee that will verify these from the submitted documents, referrals and personal interviews.

Applications may be submitted through any of our partner institutions or through post directly to the Center’s business address. Complete details of the application process are outlined in the two-page Instructions for Aspiring Fellows of the Nomination/Application Kit.

Who are eligible to nominate?

The MBLP’s partner institutions, as clearinghouses, are not eligible to nominate candidates. In general, nominators must be in respected standing in a community or organization that is serving, at least, at the city or municipal level, and can personally attest to the accomplishments, the character and the resolve of the nominee. Appropriate forms and other documentary requirements should be completed and submitted for nominations to be valid.

The Work Product

Successful applicants will have come up with development projects related to Local Governance that would contribute to the Peace and Development efforts in the conflict-affected areas in Muslim Mindanao using multi-stakeholder and inclusive processes.