Key Programs

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programs_public-and-customized_background.jpgIn support of the mission of the AIM-TeaM Energy Center to develop Bridging Leaders, it is important that necessary scale and sustainability be reached. Aside from Bridging Leaders who go through the flagship programs of the Center (i.e. BLFP, CRLDP, ILDP, etc.), there is a need to create programs that push the practice and advocacy of Bridging Leadership to a wider audience of development practitioners, managers, and leaders.

The Center's response is to create Public Programs and Customized Courses that address this need. These programs, which run anywhere from a day, a week, or around a month, provide a fundamental orientation to Bridging Leadership and its core concepts and practice. These public programs, while using the core content and process of Bridging Leadership, are adapted to the context and specific needs of the managers and leaders who take them.


What you need to know about Public and Customized Programs


Key Programs

  • LEAD, DARE, AND MOBILIZE: CELEBRATING LEADERSHIP FOR CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT. In partnership with Leadership Development for Mobilizing Reproductive Health, or LDM, the Center will bring together public leaders in reproductive health and other sectors to share and discuss their experiences, challenges, and visions. Through this, it is hoped that we will engender discussions on engaging the different sectors and moving forward together. This summit will be on February 10-11, 2011.

  • INNOVATIONS IN SUSTAINABILITY OF RURAL ELECTRIFICATION: A COURSE ON COMMUNITY SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. TeaM Energy Foundation, Inc. (TEFI) has been electrifying communities in the Philippines for the last 5 years. Realizing that electrification alone is not enough to bring economic development in these communities, TEFI has engaged the Center to run a 6-month project intended to empower communities in Quezon Province and Tawi-Tawi to create their own enterprises. The Center will run workshops on Bridging Leadership, together with Bayan Academy, which will run rural social entrepreneurship workshops. Along with these workshops, the communities will be guided in enterprise development and management.

  • INNOVATIONS IN GOOD CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP: BRIDGING LEADERSHIP FOR THE PRIVATE SECTOR. This Public Program is a 3-day comprehensive workshop on Bridging Leadership, where corporations can apply Bridging Leadership in engaging their stakeholders, whether communities, shareholders, customers, employees, or suppliers. The program draws from the experiences of actual Corporate Social Responsibility programs and development practitioners and will explore the various complex societal issues that corporations face.

  • BRIDGING LEADERSHIP FOR AIM DEGREE PROGRAMS. The Center has been very successful in mainstreaming Bridging Leadership into the degree programs of AIM. Already, one-week modules and elective courses on BL exist in the Masters in Development Management (MDM) and Masters in Management (MM), as well as a Leadership Retreat for both degree programs. Recent developments have also deepened the role Bridging Leadership is playing at the Masters in Development Management—it is now a core component of the degree's leadership model for its students, framed as Leadership and Management of Change. Following the success of these programs, the Center is also hoping to pilot a new Bridging Leadership module for the Masters in Business Management program.

  • TULOY-TULAY BRIDGING LEADERSHIP FOR THE YOUTH BATCH 2. Continuing its successful pilot program that brought together 16 committed young leaders, the Center is preparing for a second run of the Tuloy-Tulay Bridging Leadership for the Youth Program, in which it aims to extend its reach and shape more young leaders who are committed to transforming social inequities. It will be a year-long program that will start with a Leadership Camp and will continue towards the application of Bridging Leadership in the participants' respective communities, wherein their programs will be monitored and evaluated under the program. In addition, they will have mentorships with respected professionals and more importantly, will be creating a community of emerging leaders for transformation.