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programs_public-and-customized_background.jpgIn support of the mission of the AIM-TeaM Energy Center to develop Bridging Leaders, it is important that necessary scale and sustainability be reached. Aside from Bridging Leaders who go through the flagship programs of the Center (i.e. BLFP, CRLDP, ILDP, etc.), there is a need to create programs that push the practice and advocacy of Bridging Leadership to a wider audience of development practitioners, managers, and leaders.

The Center's response is to create Public Programs and Customized Courses that address this need. These programs, which run anywhere from a day, a week, or around a month, provide a fundamental orientation to Bridging Leadership and its core concepts and practice. These public programs, while using the core content and process of Bridging Leadership, are adapted to the context and specific needs of the managers and leaders who take them.


What you need to know about Public and Customized Programs



The Public Programs and Customized Courses of the Center has been able to orient and develop over 2,000 leaders and managers in the Bridging Leadership framework. This was done through some 50-plus Public Programs run in the last five years.