Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do we apply?

    Download and accomplish the application and recommendation forms. Detailed instructions are given in the Call for Applications tab.
  2. How much do we pay to join? / Is there a fee?

    As it is a fellowship, ALL expenses will be paid for including transportation costs, to and from the workshop venue, meals, accommodation, workshop materials etc.
  3. Who is eligible to apply?

    Age range: 18-25 years
    For students: should be AT LEAST an incoming 3rd year college student
    For Non-Students: Preferably with an affiliation to an organization (e.g. Community or national, etc.)

    Those with leadership experiences or ongoing advocacies/projects are preferred.
  4. When is the program?

    Program activities will be spread out over a duration of 12 months. It will be comprised of 3 workshops, a public recital and a coaching/mentoring in between. The first workshop is targeted to be implemented next year (2015). As we will surely have students on board, dates for the other workshops are still being finalized but will mostly fall on dates that will least likely conflict with the academic calendar.
  5. How long will each workshop be?

    Workshops will be four (4) days long.
  6. How many applicants can colleges/universities send?

    There is no limit. Colleges/Universities may send as many applicants as they wish.
  7. Where can I get a school registration form? What can I submit if I am not yet enrolled for the coming semester? Do I still have to submit a school registration form if I have already graduated?

    To request for a copy of your registration form, it is best to inquire at the registrar's office of the school where you are currently enrolled. For those who are yet to enroll for the coming school year, you may submit an enlistment form or any alternative document which states what year level you will be in for the coming school year and signifies that you are currently a student of that school.

    This requirement is NOT applicable for all applicants who have already graduated. You need only to submit the accomplished application and recommendations forms.