Research and Evaluation

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programs_bridging-leadership_background.jpgThe Bridging Leadership Fellows Program demonstrates a new kind of leadership – bridging leaders who are able to analyze the dimensions of a divide clearly and identify all the stakeholders with whom they can form linkages of understanding and action. They have a vision of transforming the lives of the marginalized by diminishing existing divides. They are the expression of AIM's mission to contribute to the development of Asian societies.







Research and Evaluation

An important component of the TeaM Energy Leaders Fellowship Program is engaging the Fellows in a continuing research on leadership development as it applies to societal divides. Evaluation is critical to help the Center determine the effectiveness of the delivery of the program, as well as the over-all value of the Fellowship award to the Fellows, their organizations and the attainment of the societal goals and outcomes. The Center would also like to use the learnings from the program to contribute to building knowledge and theory on leadership for social outcomes.

The Center will undertake research and evaluation in a manner that enables everyone involved in the program to see this as an opportunity for learning. Evaluation is not something the Center will 'do' to the Fellows – it is something that is done collaboratively as well. The Center is currently developing guidelines around research that will employ cooperative inquiry – a participative approach where co-researchers conduct research with leaders on leadership. This will be discussed with the Fellows as soon as they have been formulated.