World Bank - Mindanao Bridging Leadership Program

The overall objective of the program is to build a cadre of Bridging Leaders in Mindanao, who can address issues like peace, education, health, land conflicts, poverty, and poor local governance, among others.  It has two key components:  Leadership Formation and Institutional Development.

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Bridging Leadership Fellows Program

The Bridging Leadership Fellows Program demonstrates a new kind of leadership – bridging leaders who are able to analyze the dimensions of a divide clearly and identify all the stakeholders with whom they can form linkages of understanding and action. They have a vision of transforming the lives of the marginalized by diminishing existing divides. They are the expression of AIM's mission to contribute to the development of Asian societies.

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Islamic Leadership Development Program

In May 2008, the Asian Institute of Management – TeaM Energy Center launched the Islamic Leadership Development Program (ILDP).  It is steered by the vision to contribute to the development of productive, peaceful and progressive Muslim communities in the Philippines and South East Asia through a leadership development program that is aligned with the teachings of the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

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