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Co-Creating a Compelling Future for India

Posted: 2015-02-09




February 2015 – Professor Nieves R. Confesor, former Executive Director of the AIM TeaM Energy Center for Bridging Leadership, facilitated two sessions on the Exercise of Bridging Leadership in an Overseas Training Programme for Government Officials of India sponsored by AIM's Executive Education for Lifelong Learning Center (EXCELL)1.

During these sessions, the 24 directors from various agencies of the Government of India shared their perspectives and reflections on the work of real leadership and management, especially in complex organizations and societies where uncertainty is high and alignment is difficult to achieve. The program aimed to deepen their awareness of how leaders and organizations can negotiate change to create a more compelling future for India. The participants learned that complexity, though difficult to frame and comprehend, can be capitalized on through the embodiment of creative leadership, the building of an organization's operating dexterity, and the reinvention of customer relationships.

The government officials from India were also given the opportunity to listen to live cases from two Bridging Leadership Fellows of the AIM TeaM Energy Center, Army Col. Benjamin Hao, Head of the Faculty Department of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Command and General Staff College, and Gen. Raymundo Ferrer, Senior Vice President of Security and Administration at Nickel Asia Corporation and former Area Commander of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Gen. Ferrer and Col. Hao, through their own stories of leadership in conflict-affected Mindanao, emphasized the ever growing need for collaboration in transforming organizations, generating shared value, and allowing new institutional arrangements to emerge.

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1 For more information on AIM's Executive Education for Lefelong Learning Center (EXCELL), visit tehir website at


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