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Bridging Leadership for Educators of Bongao, Tawi-Tawi

Posted: 2015-02-24


Educators from Bongao, Tawi-Tawi underwent a two-day workshop conducted by the AIM TeaM Energy Center for Bridging Leadership (AIMTEC) at the Asian Institute of Management from February 16-17, 2015. It was the third year that Jasper Que, current mayor of Bongao and a Fellow of the Mindanao Bridging Leaders Program1, brought together principals, school administrators and local school board officials to familiarize them with the multi-stakeholder processes of the Bridging Leadership framework as a way to improve education in the municipality. 


Prof. Manuel De Vera, Executive Director of the AIMTEC, was joined by Core Faculty members Prof. Jacinto Gavino, Jr., co-founder of the AIMTEC, and Prof. Fernando Roxas in taking Bongao’s educators through team simulations on visioning, systems thinking, stakeholder engagement, and prototyping of their own education projects.


Through the interactive sessions, the participants gained a deeper appreciation of how all these processes – from visioning to prototyping and implementation - can be made more effective by the engagement and co-ownership of all stakeholders. 


During the course of the workshop, Dr. Lorna Dig-Diño, Assistant Secretary for Programs and Projects of the Department of Education (DepED) and Fellow of the Bridging Leadership Fellowship Program2 of AIMTEC, shared her leadership journey in Education, from being a private school teacher to joining the Department of Education (DepEd) 17 years ago. She continues to push for more inclusive, collaborative processes across the different levels of the DepEd, as well as across agencies throughout the public and private sectors. Her story, marked by many challenges as well as wins, was extremely inspiring to the participants, who hoped that ASec Lorna could also visit Bongao and meet their fellow educators. 


At the end of the 2-day workshop, each of the four teams presented their plans for specific education projects they had come up with to address gaps in Bongao’s education system. Mayor Jasper Que wrapped up the program with a message of thanks, recognizing the unwavering commitment of his educators to their student learners. With this, he reiterated the continuing challenge to improve their municipality’s quality of education and thus transform Bongao.




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1 For more information about the Mindanao Bridging Leaders Program, visit
2 For more information about the Bridging Leadership Fellows Program, visit


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