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Future Bridging Leaders Program opens for application

Posted: 2014-02-11


The Philippines is a country beset by complex divides. Large income gaps among social-economic groups, weak institutions, and unequal access to basic social services and economic opportunities all contribute to a stagnant poverty incidence, a continuing decrease in quality of life and other social ills.

The Future Bridging Leaders Program (FBLP) is an active response to the need for leadership development and participation among the youth. It aims to create platforms for engagement that will allow them to make sense of the complexity of today’s problems and collaborate with one another along with other individuals, groups, and sectors. It is premised on the youth’s important role of co-creating the future, addressing societal divides, and the need to develop a new breed of leaders who will have the courage, commitment, and appropriate knowledge and skills to embody and translate the program’s thrust of I AM CHANGE.

You can find more information about FBLP here.

You can also download the application and recommendation forms.

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Adrian Bodopol


hi i am Drae and i really wanted to be part of it :)

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