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Welcome, Joyce Gonzaga!

Posted: 2013-01-07

We would like to officially welcome into the community of bridging leaders, our new Associate Director, Ms. Joyce A. Gonzaga. She is a former Ford  International Fellow, with a Master in Development Management degree (2006) from AIM. She completed post-graduate studies focused on Children, Youth and Development at the International Institute of Social Studies (The Hague, Netherlands) and has also attended a couple of diploma programs that include Cooperative Consultancy Course  at the University of the Philippines -ISSI), Program for Development Managers (AIM) . She also attended   various training programs in entrepreneurship development, training for development entrepreneurs, asset–based development,leadership development, good governance, organizational  development, disaster management, gender and development among others. Ms. Gonzaga has extensive years of experience in development work having spent them at the Department of Trade and Industry in the Bicol Region, and the rest are in the academe and non-government organizations. She left government service in 2003 for her advance studies in in the country and Europe, and after finishing them, she decided to be back in  deeply in development work by engaging herself in various consultancies. Her passion and expertise has brought her to various agencies and institutions (international and local) sharing her expertise in organizational development, cooperative and enterprise development, research, technical writing, monitoring and evaluation, project development and management. Some of her past engagements were with IMDM for a good governance project, DOH, WHO, AusAID, CFSI with UNHCR and WFP, DTI (Region V), Simon of Cyrene Foundation, National Sight Preservation Committee, The Fred Hollows Foundation – Australia, Cristoffel Blinden Mission and Local Government Units. She had also a brief engagement with Pagtabangan Basulta under the Center (then Mirant Center for Bridging Societal Divides). Most recently, she was involved in the CBM/AusAID-funded program for monitoring and evaluation of a Community-Based Rehabilitation Program in Timor Leste. Her interests include poetry writing, music and dance, travelling and the occasional nature walk. She is a nominee for the Development Leadership Program of the Coady Institute in St. Francis University ( Antigonish, Canada), due to her various involvements in good governance programs. Ms. Gonzaga was a former Jesuit Volunteer back in the 80s, and remains as  a member of the International Movement of Development Managers (IMDM) and sits as a  member of the Board of Trustee  of the Ford Foundation Scholars Alumni Association in the Philippines.( Ford-IFP).





Wow! Congrats to the new Associate Director, Ms. Joyce A Gonzaga I think you could contribute much to the organization.

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