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Cohort 1 Fellows Getting Ready for Workshop 2

Posted: 2011-09-14
Category: Bridging Thoughts
On September 19-23, 2011, at Davao City, the 22 fellows of the MBLP will be undergoing their second leadership workshop. Relative to the Bridging Leadership Framework, the second workshop focuses on co-ownership towards co-creation, and hopes to assist fellow-scholars in finalizing their strategic plans for their change projects. Resource persons for the workshop include past BL fellows of the Center including Ayih Hernandez of Balay Mindanaw, Sonia Lorenzo of the Network of Bridging Leaders (NOBLe), Merced Coloma of the Davao Doctor’s College, Mari Oquinena of Gawad Kalinga and Lt. Gen. Ding Ferrer. AIM Professor Edel Guiza and Center for Bridging Leadership Executive Director Nieves Confesor will be providing key technical sessions for the workshop. Dr. Juan Kanapi will serve as main facilitator. Ms. Mayan Quebral of the Ventures for Fundraising will provide inputs to fellows on resource mobilization as part of realizing their change projects. Coaches from the various institutional partners will also be part of this leadership workshop. The 2nd Leadership Workshop signals a significant part in the journey that the MBLP fellows have committed to take. Workshop 2 aims to concretize change project plans based on data, systemic analyses, and a deeper understanding of the fellows’ leadership capital and relationships.


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