Natalio Ecarma III

natalio-ecarma-iii_profile.jpgCol. Natalio Ecarma III

Commanding Officer, 3rd Marine Brigade, Philippine Marine Corps

Promotion of Peace, Security, and Development in Patikul, Sulu

“The military [bears] the brunt of not only solving the peace and order dilemma but also, because we believe that to win this insurgency is to ‘win the hearts and minds of the people’, we have to help deliver basic needs to wean away the people from supporting the insurgents."

Col. Natalio Ecarma III, then commander of the 3rd Marine Brigade, promoted peace and order in the municipalities of Patikul, Panglima Tahil, Pangutaran, Lugus, Tapul, Siasi, and Pandami of the province of Sulu by tackling issues such as the proliferation of firearms, the existence of the Abu Sayyaf group, and the weak justice system that governs the area. Peace in Sulu, he proposes, shall bring an influx of investments and businesses which will help alleviate poverty in the area. Col. Ecarma has conducted intelligence, and military and civil military operations toward this end, and catalyzed the Local Government, Funding Agencies, and other organizations in various sectors for the implementation of future projects that will deliver basic needs (e.g., livelihood and education) to the people of Sulu and divert them from possibly enlisting in insurgent groups. Now, he serves as the force Commander and Head of Mission at the UN Disengagement Observer Force - Golan Heights, Syria.

Col. Ecarma has been in the Military since the 1980s and has been awarded various awards, notable of which are the two Bronze Cross Medals he obtained in 2001. His military education includes courses in Counter-Terrorism and a Master’s Degree in National Security Administration.


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