Munib Estino

munib-estino_profile.jpgHon. Munib Estino

Municipal Mayor, Panglima Estino, Sulu

Improvement of the quality of life in Panglima Estino through better multi-sectoral engagement & partnership

“Societal divides can be addressed through consultation and honest dialogue that is anchored on Islamic values and principles among stakeholders. This approach has been effective in settling conflicts in our municipality.”

The vision of Munib Estino, Mayor of the Municipality of Panglima Estino, Sulu, is to provide his people what they have been deprived of: access to basic services and a peaceful and orderly way of living. In an effort to achieve this goal, he has focused on addressing the political issues and family conflicts that cause these problems. He has facilitated dialogue among conflicting political parties, and upheld the rule and guidance of Islamic Law to appease family conflicts and prevent violence caused by “Rido”.

In his second term, Mayor Estino intended to pursue his peace-building and development efforts not only by continuing to facilitate the resolution of major conflicts in Panglima Estino and using Islamic values and principles as foundations for governance, but also by executing infrastructure projects that increase livelihood opportunities in the area and by making health and education priority programs of his municipal government.

Before becoming Mayor of Panglima Estino in 2004, Munib Estino served as Vice Governor of Sulu from 1991-2001. As Vice Governor, he was awarded Most outstanding Vice Governor of the New Republic of the Philippines by the Leadership Organization of the Philippines, Inc.; now as Mayor, he has garnered a Most Outstanding Mayor of the Philippines award by the Press Media Affair, Inc.


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