Jose Mari Oquinena

jose-mari-oquinena_profile.jpgJose Mari Oquinena

Head of Operations, Gawad Kalinga Foundation

Empowered communities through more effective multi-sectoral engagement and partnership

“Gawad Kalinga Foundation believes that poverty alleviation is a monumental task. This requires unity among social groups manifested by genuine multi-sectoral partherships."

Jose Mari Oquiñena believes that poverty alleviation can only come when there is unity among the various sectors of society. In his work in Gawad Kalinga Foundation as Head of Operations, he champions the spirit of “Bayanihan”—of being heroes to one another—and envisions to see a united Filipino people, where each, regardless of cultural, political, or socio-economic background, is capable of bringing positive impact on the Philippine Society.

As of today, Gawad Kalinga has established partnerships with more than 200 companies, including multi-national corporations and several domestic and international government agencies. These partnerships have led to the success of GK in implementing its housing and values-transformation programs in 1,200 communities nation-wide. In the coming years, Oquiñena intends to further advance the movement’s goal of strengthening GK’s multi-sectoral partnerships and create win-win situations that will establish even more linkages with groups from different sectors.

Oquiñena also heads GK’s Child and Youth Development Program and works as the overall Coordinator for the Visayas Region. Before joining Gawad Kalinga, he was a full-time mission worker for CFC Youth for Christ.


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