Florante Gerdan

florante-gerdan_profile.jpgHon. Florante Gerdan

Municipal Mayor, Sante Fe, Nueva Vizcaya

Improvement of the quality of life in Sante Fe through participatory governance

“I envision a local government that is attuned to the fast growing potential of Santa Fe, and a citizenry that is informed and empowered.”
During his second term, Florante Gerdan, then Municipal Mayor of Santa Fe, Nueva Vizcaya, championed participatory government in his municipality. This, he believes, addressed the current societal problems caused by conflicting agenda and motivations of political leaders, Local Government officials and employees, and the leaders of other sectors of Santa Fe. In his first term, he has been successful in involving more stakeholders to the Municipal Development Council to increase community ownership of the various development programs that his local government was implementing. He has also tapped the help of youth leaders and formed the Santa Fe College Students Organization (SFCSO) to facilitate easier implementation of educational programs that give scholarship grants, tuition subsidies and free transportation to disadvantaged students; facilitated the accreditation of 23 Non-Government Organizations that became the Local Government’s partners in Development; and established a Council of Elders or Pangngulo that empowered and preserved the culture of Santa Fe’s indigenous peoples.

Gerdan’s leadership is partly formed by his many experiences in the military in the 1990s. Now, he is affiliated with the Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance with fellow Bridging Leadership Fellows, Harvey Keh, Hon. Sonia Lorenzo, and Hon. Janaree Pundato-Disomimba.

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