Abdullah Dumama

abdullah-dumama_profile.jpgDr. Abdullah Dumama

Director IV, Center for Health Development XII, Department of Health

Improvement of Health through Interlocal Health Zones in Region 12

“I see my role as the first and one of the many opportunities to become the bridge among the local government leaders and local health authorities, the DOH, other government agencies and the people.”

As City Health Officer of Cotabato City back in 2005, Dr. Dumama learned the importance of using multi-stakeholder processes to address health issues. It was in this role where, by including more sectors and stakeholders as members of the Local Health Board (LHB), he revitalized the LHB and made it a responsive institution that effected the implementation of urgent health programs needed to solve health issues in the communities. Also, by directly engaging the Local Government, civic organizations, and other sectors, he was able to form Barangay Health Teams and implement programs such as Oplan D-Day (an anti-dengue campaign) which garnered massive community support and produced the intended results.

As the Director IV of the DOH – Center for Health Development, he continued to display his dedication to public service as he provided overall leadership and policy direction to the health sector in Region XII. He states his vision as “Health in the hands of the people”—he wants to see the proliferation of empowered communities that are able to attend to their own primary health needs with easy and ready access to efficient medical facilities and health programs initiated by the government.

Dr. Dumama holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the Agusan Institute of Technology, and has been working in the Public Health sector since 1990.


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