Alternative platforms for engagement to create development opportunities.

Bridging Leadership

The challenge is to create a new breed of leaders who bring diverse stakeholders together to co-own the issue and its solution.


Inclusion, prosperity, and peace founded on bridging leadership.

Closing the Gap

Opening up access to opportunities runs parallel to building the capacity, educating and empowering the marginalized.


Twenty-five Filipino Youth Leaders start their journey to change.

The Future Bridging Leaders Program

In 2015, 25 young Filipino leaders start the Future Bridging Leaders Program. Successful applicants from all over the country begin their 12-month leadership development and mentoring journey. 25 youth leaders-resolved to face social issues, determined to create change. Watch out for their stories.


Committed to creating and transferring knowledge.

Creating and Co-Creating

The AIM-TeaM Energy Center creates platforms for multi-sectoral stakeholders to exchange ideas and expertise, propose action, and initiate change.

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